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>> Industry - Fertilizers and pesticides
Sector Vegetable / Fruit / Flower / Plants Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3 Lakh
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 32209013
Closing Date 15 - Nov - 2018  |  245 Days ago View
Supply of Well Rotten Cow Dung at Different Instituted. #*. Supply Garden Soil and Sand at Different Institutes.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 32100502
Closing Date 01 - Nov - 2018  |  259 Days ago View
Supply of Mosquito Repellant Cream Spray and Lotion ~ .
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 96.81 Thousand approx.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 31698002
Closing Date 28 - Sep - 2018  |  293 Days ago View
Post construction Anti-termite treatment to studio bldg. for AIR.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value Rs. 87.45 Million / 8.74 Crore approx.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 31439143
Closing Date 24 - Sep - 2018  |  297 Days ago View
Supply of 7950 mt mop fertilizer during 2018-19.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 31466190
Closing Date 07 - Sep - 2018  |  314 Days ago View
Supply Of Stationery Articles- Xerox paper (JK, copier), File note sheet (light, green colour), Binding Register, Computer Printing, Cartridge/Toner, Alpin (Gem), Carbon Paper (Blue), Envelope, Paper flag, Staplers, Staple pins, Gum paste, Correcting pen ', Stamp pad, White paper DFC, Writing pen/Dot pen, Calculator, Lock & key, Towel, Duster clothes, Life boy soap, Washing soap(surf, excel), Dettol soap (liquid, refill), Harpik, Tube light Set, Bulb (LED), Broom, Tag, Highlighter, Pendrive (HP), Odonil, Phenyle (Lemon, scented), Measuring tape, Wall clock, Compact disc (Blank, CD), Mosquito repallent, (liquid) machine, Mosquito repellent, Refil, Air freshner pocket, File board & cover, with flap (set), Permanent marker, pen (Black/Blue), Non-permanent, marker (white board>, White board, Gems Clip, Measurement Book, (MB), Hand gloves (Rubber), Bucket (Plastic), Bucket (Plastic), Bucket (Plastic), Table glass, Name plate, Stand Fan, Road side signboard, Laminated Wooden, file cabinet with three, drawer, Plastic flower pot, Plain laminated photo, frame, Gallery/display frame, on wall with sliding, glass opening system, Gallery/display board, with stand, Notice board with, sliding glass opening, system, Sign board of best, quality GCI sheet, (green colour both, side), Sign board of best, quality GCI sheet, (green colour both, side), Signboard writing, colour/paint colour, Signboard writing, brush /Art brush, Measuring cane ,, Plastic coated colour, Computer Table, Plastic Funnel, PVC pipe, Visitor chair with arm, Plastic carpet, White markin cloth, Soil sample bag of, White markin cloth, Seed bag of white, markin cloth, Colin, Pencil Battery, Torch battery, Charger light, Charger cum torch, light, Bicycle, Top pan balance/, small bim balance, Weighing unit, Rose cane, Alluminium drum/, Seed bin, Ceiling Fan ,
Sector Forest Departments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 31214725
Closing Date 21 - Aug - 2018  |  331 Days ago View
Supplying of nursery material for raising nursery – poly bag of 250 guage thickness, GI wire, acaricide, fungicide, agro-net shed, kanak kaich bamboo rhizome.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 30967579
Closing Date 16 - Aug - 2018  |  336 Days ago View
Purchasing of approx. 400 cum good quality well rotten cow dung manure at horti. research complex during 2018-19.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 30908250
Closing Date 14 - Aug - 2018  |  338 Days ago View
carrying of different Agri. Commodities under Dukli Agri. Sub - Division-Fertilizer/Seed/PPC Chemical/Other Agri, Horti,imputes, R.G.P. Seed @ 30 kg bag, Coconut Seedling, Papaya Seedling, Mango Graft, Banana Sucker, Pineappie Sucker, Leanmon Goottee, Guava Goottee, Litchi Goottee, Mosambi Graft, ArenutlBer, Other Seedling as, per necessary of scheme
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 30694990
Closing Date 09 - Aug - 2018  |  343 Days ago View
Carrying fertilizer/ seeds/ plan protection chemicals/ other agri. inputs/ seeding/ planting materials surface transport.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 30553814
Closing Date 25 - Jul - 2018  |  358 Days ago View
Supply of store articles, goods, add gel pen, add gel refill, al pin, t pin, mosquito repellent liquadator mavhine, mosquito repellent liquadator, attendance register, binding register, black tape, cartridge, cup plate best quality, cello tape, computor paper, calculator casio, carbon paper, correction fluid, correction pen, cd room sketch pen, cash memo book, citronella, cover files, liquid householder cleaner, duster, dak pad, envelop, file cover, file board, padestal fan, fax roll paper, flat file, folder file, flux, glue stick, gum pot, gala, gems clip plastic, guard file best quality, charge light, toilet cleaner, knife, key bag best, telephone set, door lock, luxor, floor cleaner, naphthalene, odonil, pen stand, punching machine, paper clip, plastic scale, paper weight, pen drive, peon book, plastic folder bag, plastic mug, door mat, ring binder file, room spray best, receive and depatch register, stapler machine, soap lifebuoy, stump ped, stapler pin, seat cushion, detergent, bill register, clip board, computer brush, water glass, wooden pencil, wall clock, writing pad best, wall fan, erazer, ton thread, tag, towel, table glass, toilet wash brash, flexible wire, switch, starter, fevi stick best, electric ketlle, guard file, high tech point, socket, liquid hand wash, umbrella, toner, celing fan, etc.
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